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Water fed poles

We specialise in the use of telescopic poles for the cleaning of windows.

  • Cleans up to 70 feet ( 6 floors)
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows as poles are flexible and strong
  • Cleans frames at no extra cost
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground
  • Maintains privacy and reduced disturbances

The Reach & Wash System

This relatively new method of cleaning has revolutionised the window cleaning industry, and the benefits far outweigh other window cleaning methods.

The system uses 100% pure laboratory graded water, which is filtered many times and de-ionised. This is then pumped through telescopic poles and applied to windows and frames.

The result is a clean streak-free window that stays cleaner for longer than traditional methods.

Hydraulic Platforms (Cherry Pickers)

Occasionally some buildings are impossible to access using conventional or Reach and Wash cleaning methods. This may necessitate use of a hydraulic platform vehicle, allowing us to access windows and facades to a maximum height of 100 feet (9-10 floors).

We have access to a wide range of machines that can tackle any height and suit most budgets. All our operators are highly experienced and are fully insured and trained to IPAF standard.

Free assessments and surveys are undertaken to ensure the most suitable and cost effective machine is used for each site.


We specialise in supplying a range of rope access services for window cleaning at heights and in awkward spaces.

All abseil technicians are highly experienced, fully insured and vigorously trained to the highest IRATA standards (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) in rope access.

We offer a competitive and cost effective solution to any high rise office or residential building. We are constantly monitoring and updating our safety system to remain in line with ever changing HSE Directives.

Cradle (BMU- Building Maintenance Unit)

All our operatives are comprehensively trained in the use of various different types of site-specific cradle equipment. However, Building Maintenance Units for different buildings often differ in design or operation.

On sites where there is the case our operatives will be trained and inducted by the cradle maintenance company who offer specific training on that particular apparatus.

A certificate is then issued demonstrating our competence in using that individual BMU.

Harnesses and Eyebolts

At Christies we regularly use harnesses to access and clean windows to parts of buildings that are normally deemed unsafe (i.e. raised elevations, ledges, parapets or leaning out of inside windows).

Providing adequate eyebolt fixings are in place, we are able to access and tackle any task, with ease, in a safe and controlled manner, with no height limitations.

All staff are highly trained and experienced in the use of this equipment. Each member has undergone a rigorous training programme by a national recognised training body.

Before any cleaning task commences and access methods are determined, a full on-site risk assessment is carried out and submitted to the client.

Safety is our number one priority, we guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any cleaning task.

Ladders & Squeegee

It is not always practical or necessary to use the Reach and Wash system on every contract, for example, on flat roofs or patio doors with balconies. This is why we regularly apply conventional methods of cleaning such as the use of ladders with the traditional bucket and squeegee.

By using our specially designed V-shape ladders we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 35 feet (3 floors) from ground level.

Because of the non marking top, we can position our ladders safety to almost any surface, at any angle, without damaging or marking the surface or facade.

All staff are highly trained and experienced in the use of ladders and have undergone safety
courses, by a national recognised training body. Our clients can be assured that a safe method is being implemented at all times.



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