Solar cleaning


Solar cleaning in Eastbourne and all towns and villages in East Sussex.

Installing solar panels is a big financial decision. They will save you money in the long term and enable clean / ECO friendly energy.

Solar energy is more popular than ever. With energy companies charging more money every year, its vitally important to ensure your panels are optimum condition to produce as much power as possible.  

Solar panels are often mounted / fixed to south facing parts of any property. 

Sometimes reaching panels for cleaning / maintenance can be tricky.

Using our ‘state of the art’ professional cleaning system we can safely clean / restore your solar panels.

Solar cleaning in Eastbourne
Solar panel cleaning in Eastbourne

Solar cleaning in Eastbourne

We regularly clean solar panels for our clients. We suggest every three months to ensure panel condition remains in peak condition.

Our solar panel cleaning system enables us to clean hard to reach solar cells.

The pure water cleaning system leaves no soapy residues on the panel surfaces, this leaves them cleaner for longer.

Keeping cells clean means that energy production is always kept to a maximum.

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